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MCB Limited 

Incorporated in 1838, MCB Limited is the leading bank in Mauritius while being an increasingly prominent player in the region. Backed by modern and adapted channel capabilities, high quality service, an innovative culture and a sound business model, MCB Limited has, throughout its history, been true to its guiding principle of assisting in the advancement of individuals, corporates and the country at large, in the process playing a key role in the development of the Mauritian economy. Leveraging its extensive network of correspondent banks, MCB Limited has diversified its activities beyond local shores notably through participation in major cross-border deals and transactions and the promotion of its ‘Bank of Banks’ initiative.
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MCB Seychelles

MCB is a leading bank in Seychelles, offering a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of its valued customers. Our aspirations in Seychelles are derived from the inherent culture of the MCB Group to establish itself as a market leader.
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MCB Madagascar

Present in Madagascar for over 25 years, MCB is dedicated to help make things happen for its customers through a range of tailored services.
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Société Générale Moçambique

MCB has partnered with Société Générale to offer a growing range of solutions ready to be tailored to meet the specific requirements of customers based in Moçambique.
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MCB Maldives

Our offices in Male serve as a local gateway to the full range of bespoke services and to the well-knit global network of the MCB Group, the leading banking and financial services provider in the region.
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Banque Française Commerciale Océan Indien

A joint-venture with Société Générale, BFCOI has the bulk of its activities in Réunion Island where it is one of the largest banks. It also has operations in Mayotte and Paris (France).
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MCB Capital Markets

MCB Capital Markets is a leading financial services provider in Mauritius. Its activities are focused in the investment sector, aiming to accompany clients through investments over a lifetime and building on its entrepreneurial culture to nurture strong and long lasting relationships with them. The company provides a wide range of investment-related services through dedicated teams, each one of which is focused on its specialty and on providing fast, efficient and flexible investment solutions.
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MCB Equity Fund

MCB Equity Fund is a private equity fund which specializes in providing expansion and buy-out capital to small and medium sized established businesses across Eastern and Sub-Saharan Africa. The Fund is has a committed capital of USD 100 million and is domiciled in Mauritius. It is operated as an evergreen fund, and aims to have a diversified portfolio of investments in the sectors of agro-processing, light industrials and manufacturing, fast moving consumer goods, consumer services and healthcare.
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MCB Factors

MCB Factors offers you instant cash against your credit invoices to meet your cash flow needs as well as a debt collection service when the invoices are due for payment. As an entrepreneur, this gives you the peace of mind and the freedom of time that you are looking for to increase the size of your business. MCB Factors also protects you against your debtors defaulting on their payments by offering you protection against debtor insolvency.
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Credit Guarantee Insurance Co. Limited

CGI, a joint venture with La Prudence Holding, provides credit insurance services to its customers by ensuring protection in respect of their trade receivables.
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MCB Microfinance Ltd

MCB Microfinance Ltd is a subsidiary dedicated to micro/small entrepreneurs and self-employed people. MCB Microfinance, a first in Mauritius’s financial landscape, will grant them unsecured loans ranging from Rs 20,000 to Rs 600,000 in order to help them grow their business activity.
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Fincorp Investment Limited

Quoted on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, Fincorp has on its books the following main investments: Finlease (the leasing arm of MCB Group and a fully owned subsidiary), and Promotion and Development, another quoted company having diversified interests, including a majority stake in Caudan Development Lrd, a property company that owns and manages the waterfront real estate development in Port-Louis, and a holding of about 35% in Medine Ltd.

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MCB Properties Limited

The company owns several properties, some of which house banking premises of MCB Limited.

International Card Processing Services Limited

ICPS has positioned itself as a card business enabler by offering an array of services designed to allow banks to outsource their card processing needs to achieve economies of scale and to provide their customers with the relevant card solutions in a most efficient and timely manner.
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MCB Forward Foundation

The MCB Forward Foundation manages the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of the Group. It aims to more efficiently serve the local communities amidst which the Group operates. Its vision is to be instrumental in the creation of sustainable value for the social, environmental and economic well-being of society through the provision of human, logistical and financial resources in support of dedicated initiatives.
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Blue Penny Museum

The Blue Penny Museum is an art and history museum that is wholly devoted to Mauritius. It houses some prestigious collections, which are true testimony of the historical and cultural wealth and diversity of Mauritius, in a stunning layout. Its most precious exhibits are the world-renowned Post Office stamps – the firsts to be issued in Mauritius and a true collector’s item due to its rarity.
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MCB Consulting Services Ltd

Whilst servicing the subsidiaries of the Group, MCB Consulting Services Ltd. shall provide integrated business solutions to clients from emerging markets in Africa and Asia comprising amongst others: (i) Project management, (ii) Change management including training , (iii) Advisory services, and (iv) High-end IT services.