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Our principles and commitment

The Board of MCB Group Ltd is committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance, which is applicable to both the Company and its subsidiaries. Sound corporate governance is intrinsic to the Group’s values, culture, processes and functions in the pursuit of its strategic orientations aimed at maximising the long-term value creation for its stakeholders. Principles of integrity, accountability and transparency are fostered throughout the organisation to ensure professional and ethical conduct by directors and employees in their dealings with all stakeholders, thus promoting and maintaining trust.

The Group’s approach to governance is underpinned by adherence to advocated norms and regulatory requirements. As such, all subsidiaries comply with the provisions of relevant legislations and rules of countries where they operate and the banking subsidiaries adhere to the underlying Basel principles. Entities in Mauritius have also subscribed to the Code of Corporate Governance (2003) which has hitherto been in force. The Board also encourages a culture that promotes ethical and responsible decision-making throughout the organisation by way of Group-wide awareness of its operating ethics. It continuously monitors and adapts practices to reflect developments in corporate governance principles given their significance in ensuring smooth business operations and optimal stakeholder engagement within an increasingly challenging environment.

Download our latest Corporate Governance Report (extracted from MCB Group Ltd Annual Report 2016)PDF 1MB

Download the latest MBA Code of Banking PracticePDF 617KB
Download The National Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius 2016PDF 5MB

Shareholder relations and communication

The Group promotes open and productive dialogues with shareholders with a view to providing them with the opportunity to share their views, while ensuring that their information needs are promptly attended to. Shareholders are kept abreast of all material developments of MCB Group – e.g. relating to its strategic intents, corporate accomplishments, dates for release of financial results and dividend payment, the financial and stock market performance of the organisation – through appropriate communication channels such as official press communiqués, occasional letters, and the Group’s website. The latter allows for an adapted and comprehensive self-service interface, with shareholders provided with the possibility to post their queries, while having access to relevant information such as updated MCB Group Ltd share price as well as latest results announcements and presentations. Enhancements are continuously brought to the website in order to improve its layout and user friendliness. In another respect, our shareholders are encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting to express their views and receive feedback from Board members. In case a shareholder cannot attend, votes may still be cast on all the resolutions through completion of the proxy form.

The Group has dedicated teams which are responsible for engaging with its investors, backed by the deployment of a well-thought and comprehensive communication programme. As regards the relationship of MCB Group Ltd with its retail shareholders, the Company Secretariat – supported by the Group’s Registrar and Transfer Agent and MCB Registry and Securities Ltd – caters for information needs that range from the sending of relevant correspondences to responding to their queries in a timely manner. Furthermore, the Group’s Investor Relations (IR) Unit acts as a point of contact and has the day-to-day responsibility for upholding relationships with existing and potential institutional investors in particular.