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About us

Our people

With a growing presence over the African continent and in the Indian Ocean Islands, MCB is constantly re-inventing itself to tap into the new and exciting opportunities that globalization is offering.

The world is changing, so are we

Our continued success will depend on our capacity to be attentive and innovative not only to our external environment but also to our people.
We are dedicated to nurturing the proper atmosphere for the healthy intellectual, professional and cultural development of our people and business partners. We do so by actively supporting them in the achievement of their career and personal goals.

We bank on talents

Talent Management is not just a vague concept. We strive to recognize, at an early stage, the particular gifts and endowments of each of our employees, so that we can better help them excel at what they are talented at.

Our rewards are handsome

We have an entrenched performance culture, a long tradition of valuing and rewarding competence and merits. We always strive to remain above industry standards, by setting new trends, especially in creatively crafting suitable packages for our people.

Creativity and innovation are in our DNA

We recognize and even recompense ideas and new concepts generated by our people's creativity, regardless of their position in the Group.

Knowledge is key

As a learning organization, we know that our employees' strengths are our strengths. It is only natural therefore that we invest substantially in the development of our people.

You're empowered to develop yourself and grow

The MCB Group has multiple entry points for you, depending on what type of career you envisage. We also offer to talented and ambitious individuals a whole array of opportunities to join as global resources through our graduate schemes.

Values are meant to be passed on

We wish for our people to embrace, practise and live the values of Integrity, Customer Care, Teamwork, Knowledge, Innovation, and Excellence that have always epitomized MCB Way over the 177 years of its existence