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16 Aug 2017

Bel Air SSS wins the SEM Young Investor Award 2017


The award ceremony for the 25th edition of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) Young Investor Award 2017 was held today at the Paul Octave Wiehé Auditorium. MCB Group rewarded the winning team composed of Bibi Huzeifah BHEEKHUN, Varsha Devi JOKHOO, Aisha GOOLJAR, Seeteexsha RAOJEE and Bibi Shaheen GOOLVADEN from Bel Air SSS. 

All teams participating in the competition had received a virtual credit of Rs 200,000 which they were required to invest in the shares of five listed companies. The teams were then allowed to perform up to 10 investment swaps during a three-month period, namely from April to June 2017. During that quarter, the best portfolio generated profits amounting to 22.15%. 

Attractive rewards
Bel Air SSS team received the following exceptional prizes by MCB Group, the main sponsor of the SEM Young Investor Award 2017:
  • A cheque worth Rs 200,000, which transforms the virtual credit allocated at the beginning of the competition into a real cash prize, with each team member receiving Rs 40,000
  • MCB Group shares worth Rs 12,500 so as to sustain the interest of the winners in the evolution of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius
  • A one-week internship within MCB Group, aimed at motivating the participants to pursue a career in finance
  • Individual shields and various gifts

The SEM Young Investor Award is open to Grade 12 students from Mauritius and Rodrigues. Any secondary school may be represented by two teams, at most. And, each team must be made up of five students, monitored by a teacher. This year, 1040 students, coming from 104 secondary schools, and divided in 208 teams have taken part in the competition.