MCB Microfinance

Rs 571 million disbursed and 2,007 entrepreneurs financed over three years

15 Aug 2019

In its three years of existence, MCB Microfinance has firmly established itself in the financial landscape of Mauritius, particularly that of micro-credit. Since its creation in 2016, and as at end of July 2019, this entity of the MCB Group has financed 2,007 micro entrepreneurs, for a total of Rs 571 million, representing 2,867 loans.

The breakdown of MCB Microfinance's customers by business sector is as follows: 36% are merchants, 25% are in manufacturing, 23% are from the services sector, 11% from transport, and 5% from agriculture. In addition, 55% of the loans granted are investment loans, compared to 45% representing working capital loans.

The aim behind the creation of MCB Microfinance was to respond to a demand from micro-enterprises for micro-credits. Aware of the challenges faced by these types of businesses, MCB Group has set up a suitable microfinance methodology to better serve this clientele. MCB Microfinance offers loans ranging from Rs 15,000 to Rs 800,000 and has adjusted its initial offer, which was from Rs 20,000 to Rs 600,000.

Any entrepreneur with an activity, regardless of the sector, in operation for over a year and can submit a Business Registration Card for the activity concerned, can benefit from our loans to finance its needs in stock or any other investment project", highlights MCB Microfinance’s CEO, Aurélie Leclézio.

Customer oriented
Since 12th August, MCB Microfinance’s office is now located at Arcades Currimjee in Curepipe. Through this relocation, the entity wishes facilitate access to its customers. Once the first contact is established, it is up to one of MCB Microfinance’s officers to visit the customer. "We cover all regions. The client needs to visit our office once to submit an application, and after that, our officers who will meet the client at his place of activity" explains Aurélie Leclézio.

The company has also been in Rodrigues since 2017.

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