Africa Forward Together

Sustainable development as a means to create values in Africa

03 Oct 2019

For the tenth year in a row, MCB Group hosts the Africa Forward Together (AFT) Forum, which this year brings together 35 delegates from 17 African countries and for the first time also from Palestine and Guernsey. The forum, which runs from 2nd to 4th October, is held at Trou aux Biches Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa.

To celebrate this 10th edition, MCB Group has chosen the theme "Beyond Numbers" as part of its corporate sustainability program, Success Beyond Numbers, launched in November 2018. Committed to sustainable development, the Group wanted to articulate this edition of AFT around issues related to success otherwise, convinced that the notion of success goes beyond financials.

In addition to the presentation of MCB's various offerings, such as Bank of Banks, this 2019 edition of AFT is also a platform to address some of the challenges that banks and businesses in general face. For example, challenges and opportunities related to human capital management, cloud computing or payments innovation. Tharald Nustad will be the keynote speaker. A globally known and recognized figure, this serial entrepreneur, from Norway, is the founder of Katapult, which looks at technologies that are likely to have a positive social impact.

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