MV Wakashio: Winning the new battle of Grand Port together

11 Aug 2020

MCB Group has spared no effort over the past few days to provide the best possible support in the face of the environmental crisis we are facing. MCB is donating Rs 3 million to the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation to help protect the flora and fauna of Ile aux Aigrettes and the South-East area from the effects of the oil spill. The NGO has already moved several species, but the task remains extremely complicated.

Through its corporate sustainability program, Success Beyond Numbers, the MCB Group is committed to facilitating the implementation of sustainable development solutions. Today more than ever, the Group stands alongside Mauritius in the face of this ecological disaster.
The past few days have been marked by a surge of solidarity which has spread within our Group and throughout the island. The Group is also aware that coordinated action will now have to extend over several months and has therefore decided to launch an exceptional “Social Leave” initiative which will target future beach and mangrove clean-up operations. 5,000 man-days will be dedicated to clean-up and conservation-related initiatives and MCB staff will be freed to provide help where it is needed. 
Another major area for concern for MCB is related to the inhabitants of Cite Tôle. Through the MCB Forward Foundation (MCBFF), the inhabitants of the locality have been supported since 2012 in several ways, namely through a social housing project and the redevelopment of the barachois allowing families to live from their fishing activity.
Today, Cité Tôle finds itself at the forefront of the oil spill. If the barachois has fortunately been preserved from the arrival of large quantities of fuel oil, this is not the case for the locality, where the inhabitants find themselves trying to protect their homes as best they can and to the detriment of their health. MCBFF, which is present on site to identify priority needs and determine how to act in a targeted manner.

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