‘4-minute Science contest’; L’Ecole du Nord and London College grab the first prizes

23 May 2022

They have distinguished themselves for their creativity in the field of science. Marie Lascourrèges and Stella Elliott of L’Ecole du Nord, for the Grades 7, 8 and 9 category; Isabella Edouard and Manuel Mardaymootoo of London College, for the Grades 10 and 12 category grabbed first place in the competition. The video of l’Ecole du Nord was entitled « Ocean Currents ,» and for London College was on « DIY Aquaponics ». The award-winning colleges supported their videos through oral presentations and had to be very creative to win the prizes at stake.

Cash prizes from MCB Rupys
Each winners received cash prizes of Rs 15, 000, offered by MCB Rupys. Four other colleges, namely the Mauritius College Girls, Adventist College, the Queen Elizabeth College, and the Sodnac SSS, have also distinguished themselves by ranking second and third in both categories. The winners won cash prizes offered by MCB Rupys. The award ceremony took place at the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, in Bell Village. 
82 videos received
The contest organised by the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre and sponsored by MCB, aimed at encouraging our students to disseminate scientific information and to explain their relevance to a non-initiated public. A total of 82 videos from 51 secondary schools were received. Each team made an oral presentation on a topic of their choice related to Science, Technology and Sustainable Development delivered in English. 
The presentations were focused on the scientific foundations of the chosen topic and highlighted its relevance to society. The video revealed the talents of students in conducting research in various topics of socio-scientific importance such as health, climate change, ocean science, etc. Participants performed live science experiments, demonstrations or busks to support their presentations. Excellent presentations included a captivating title, an introduction, a body, a concise explanation of the topic's relevance for society, a conclusion and acknowledgement of sources.

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