Diya One robots set to be produced in Mauritius

07 Jun 2019

An official partnership launched on Friday 7th June between the MCB Group Partnering Robotics Ltd and the State Investment Corporation (SIC) is set to trigger the production of Diya One robots in Mauritius.

Mauritius-born Dr. Ramesh Caussy, Diya One’s inventor, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Partnering Robotics Ltd. His French-based firm and the Diya One project has been supported by MCB Capital Markets through MCB Equity Fund since 2015.

Speaking at the official launching ceremony on Friday 7th June, Rony Lam, CEO, MCB Capital Markets said: “Indeed, it is terrific news that one of the thought leaders in robotics has chosen Mauritius to implement its first venture outside of France, where Diya One was conceived. This is a unique opportunity for Mauritians to learn about artificial intelligence, robotics and software development from a world-class teacher.”

Since 2015, the company has made significant progress in terms of enhancing Diya One’s functionalities, developing new applications, winning new clients and raising its visibility globally. Diya One has been showcased in over 30 countries and at major events such as the COP 21 and numerous technology and innovation fairs.

Accompanying “Partnering Robotics” is in line with MCB’s latest sustainability initiative “Success Beyond Numbers” of which environmental protection, the use of renewable energy, improvement of air quality and reduction of carbon footprint are the main pillars.

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