MCB launches its Swift GPI tracker for its Corporate customers

13 Dec 2021

MCB launched the Swift GPI tracker last week. This tool is an exciting and innovative cross-border international payment solution and a self-service payment tracker. This tracker is available only through MCB’s award winning web application, MCB SmartApprove. This solution will allow our corporate clients to track all their international payments from end-to-end, in real time.

The Swift GPI tracker allows the bank to offer its customers access to the monitoring and management of their payments abroad. In addition to providing them a better visibility of their fund transfers, the adoption of SWIFT GPI tracker offers several advantages. These include fast and fluid access to international payments, real-time monitoring of each payment step around the world, visibility from payment execution to credit on the beneficiary's account.
The user-friendly interface of the Swift GPI tracker offers several features to facilitate our customers’ business. Available via the SmartApprove application, the functionality will subsequently be deployed on the new Internet Banking platform. This innovative approach enables the Bank to respond to shorter financial requirements and deadlines as well as to increasingly demanding customers.

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