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MCB Group posts profits of Rs 14,1 billion

In spite of the constantly shifting and volatile landscape, the Group’s profits attributable to ordinary shareholders have demonstrated remarkable resilience and growth, increasing by 46.7% to Rs 14,133 million, largely underpinned by our international....

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MCB signs US$150 million loan with Proparco/DEG

Oct 3, 2018, 05:00 AM by User Not Found

Proparco and DEG signed a US$150 million credit facility to The Mauritius Commercial Bank Limited (MCB) to finance long-term corporate and infrastructure projects in Mauritius and sub-Saharan Africa.

For this operation, Proparco granted a $100 million loan and catalyzed a further US$50 million from Germany’s Development Financing Institution, DEG. This is Proparco’s and DEG’s second joint operation with MCB after an initial €75 million facility allocated in 2011.

This operation will hold significant impacts on economic growth and job creation on the continent, thus contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goal (SDG) n°8. Beside supporting MCB’s development abroad, it will also help MCB in further enhancing its sustainable development engagement and impact. 

The signing ceremony of the transaction took place on Wednesday 3 October 2018 at MCB’s headquarters in Port-Louis, Mauritius.

Commenting on this transaction, Alain Law Min, Chief Executive Officer of MCB, highlighted that: “This financing comes as MCB gears itself for the next phase of its business development, especially by expanding its international activities. We value our long-standing partnership with Proparco and DEG, which has grown from strength to strength. Moreover, this credit facility testifies of the international recognition of MCB’s investment-grade credit worthiness and role as an active financier of high-impact and sustainable projects in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean region.”

Gregory Clemente, CEO of Proparco, added: “Long-term partnerships between banks and DFIs are crucial to development in Africa. It has been 17 years since Proparco's first operation with MCB and I am very happy to see that with every new transaction, our partnership grows stronger and more ambitious. This new operation will help unleash the potential of the private sector to support economic growth and job creation on the continent”.

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