23 Aug 2023
MCB Rodrigues Scholarship 2023: Hats off to five Scholars

Five scholars have been awarded the MCB Rodrigues Scholarship this year. The official scholarship ceremony occurred on Wednesday, August 23, at the MCB Centre in Port Louis.Adriane Emilien, Geremi Justin Meunier, James Nickurdean Genave, Bibi Shabnam....

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To help smaller entrepreneurs get easier access to loans

Jul 15, 2016, 05:00 AM by User Not Found

MCB Group has successfully launched MCB Microfinance Ltd, a subsidiary dedicated to micro/small entrepreneurs and self-employed people. MCB Microfinance, a first in Mauritius’s financial landscape, will grant them unsecured loans ranging from Rs 20,000 to Rs 600,000 in order to help them grow their business activity.

Two types of loans
Micro/small entrepreneurs will have access to two types of loans as follows:
  • “Micro Loan Working Capital”, which aims at helping working capital needs such as raw materials or stock. This loan is repayable on a period ranging from 6 to 18 months.

  • “Micro Loan Investissement”, which is to be invested in the business to help it grow. The repayment period of this loan is up to four years.

Who is eligible?
The micro/small entrepreneurs will need to fit the following criteria:
  • Have at least a year’s activity in their respective business

  • Have a Business Registration Number (BRN)

  • Have a yearly turnover which does not exceed Rs 2 million

How to proceed
Any entrepreneur interested in obtaining a Microloan need to contact MCB Microfinance by calling 203 2744 or visit MCB Microfinance’s office in Belle-Rose (opposite Pepsi). A Relationship Officer will shoulder the request and accompany the entrepreneur. The requested documents are the Business Registration Card, the National Identity Card (NIC), a proof of address and a bank account number, where applicable. The Relationship Officer will then effect visits on site to better understand the activity and determine the entrepreneur’s repayment capacity.

Pierre-Guy Noël, Chief Executive, MCB Group: “Entrepreneurship is a sine qua non ingredient of our socio-economic development.  Our investment in this field aims at boosting micro and small businesses by fostering the financial inclusion of small entrepreneurs. Enn ti loan pou fer ou grandi (A small loan to help you grow) is a fitting testimony to the philosophy of MCB Microfinance”

Aurélie Leclézio, Chief Executive, MCB Microfinance: “Our approach, based on customer proximity, is different from classic methods of financing due to the fact that micro businesses are not as well organised as bigger ones.  Our Relationship Officers will spend a lot of time on the field to better understand and analyses the requirements and specifics of each business in order to define the repayment capacity of the entrepreneur. And we intend to accompany each customer throughout their loan duration”.

For more information, call MCB Microfinance on 203 2744.
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