MCB Real Assets Ltd

About MCB Real Assets Ltd

MCB Real Assets Ltd (MCBRA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of MCB Group Limited.

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The Board has reviewed and approved the Board Charter, the Job positions and the Statement of Accountabilities of the Company. These documents are monitored regularly and are updated accordingly and in a timely manner following any changes in laws or any regulatory requirements or further to decisions taken by the Board.

The Code of Ethics of MCB Group Limited, which has been adopted by all the subsidiaries within the group, is monitored and updated by the Remuneration, Corporate Governance, Ethics and Sustainability Committee of MCB Group Limited on a regular basis.

Statement of Main Accountabilities PDF 41.6KB

Board Charter

In accordance with the Board Charter of MCBRA, the objective of the Board is to define the Company’s purpose, strategy and value and to determine all matters relating to the directions, policies, practices, management and operations of the Company.

Board CharterPDF 96.39KB


The Board consists of 3 members: 1 independent and 2 non-executive directors.

The names of the directors are set out below and their biographical details are available by clicking on the relevant name.

Independent Director & Chairperson:


Non-Executive Directors

Gilbert GNANYPDF 45.87KB

Pierre Guy NOELPDF 44.2KB

MCB Group Corporate Services Ltd acts as Secretary to the Board.

Biographies of its representativesPDF 17.87KB

Director nomination and appointment process

The process of selecting new directors forms part of the responsibility of the Remuneration, Corporate Governance, Ethics and Sustainability Committee of MCB Group Limited.

Appointment process of non-executive directorsPDF 72.33KB

Terms and conditions of the appointment of non-executive directorsPDF 80.99KB

Role and responsibilities of Chairperson and Company Secretary

The Position Statements, which have been approved by the Board, provide a clear definition of the roles and responsibilities of the Chairperson and the Company Secretary.

Position StatementsPDF 78.27KB

Internal Audit function

Internal Audit FunctionPDF 601.91KB

Code and Rules

Below are some of the codes and policies endorsed at Group level and which are adhered by MCBRA. The documents are reviewed as deemed necessary.

Code of EthicsPDF 1.1MB

Whistleblowing PolicyPDF 133.87KB

Conflict of Interest and Related Party Transactions PolicyPDF 565.32KB

Information Security PolicyPDF 503.78KB

Annual Reports

Annual Report FY 2020/2021PDF 6.24MB

Annual Report FY 2019/2020PDF 4.91MB