Success Beyond Numbers

“Sustainability”. Even if this word is widely used today, it remains devoid of any meaning if it doesn’t bring action – meaningful ones – in its wake.


Times have changed and so have challenges, such as the fact that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or money are not the only yardsticks for success anymore.

Pierre Guy Noël - Group CEO


  • We are MCB, we have grown and prospered with our country and its people
  • We are proud contributors to our economic success story.
  • But how do we define true success...
  • Is happiness measured by the size of a home? Or the love it allows a family to share?
  • Does the value of a car live in its size? Or in the freedom to choose our own path?
  • Does the wealth of a business lie in its profit margins? Or the well-being it provides?
  • Now is the time to redefine the way we measure success.
  • Success is access to health, education and jobs for all.
  • Protecting our environment for future generations.
  • Empowering business, big small, old and new
  • Success is equality being everyone’s utmost priority.
  • We believe in Success.
  • Success for this land. For all people. For tomorrow.