It is our conviction that we have a responsibility to create sustainable prosperity for our customers, communities, people, and country. That is why we have decided to redefine the very meaning of success and go well beyond numbers.

Based on these three pillars, 
we have launched a number of key initiatives. 

Our convictions

Now is the time to redefine the way we measure success.

Pillar 1
A vibrant and Sustainable local economy

  • Lokal is Beautiful Scheme
  • SME Marketplace - In the pipe
  • Resilient production study - In the pipe
  • Made in Moris campaign
  • Various measures related to COVID-19
  • Study on impact ecosystem

Pillar 2 
Preservation of environmental and cultural heritage

  • Klima Neutral conference and study
  • Climate engagements
  • Partnership with Ebony Forest
  • Partnership with Mauritian Wildlife Foundation incl. Your Card for Change
  • Various initiatives concerning culture: VIBE Moris, RTN, Rodrigues au fil du temps
  • Various measures related to enegy, water, and carbon emissions reduction

Pillar 3
Individual and Collective Well-being

  • Social leave programme
  • Infirmary
  • In-house medical services
  • Talent management programme - Grow!
  • Trust index
  • Various measures related to COVID-19